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The magic of Tokaj

History The Tokaj Wine Region has a history stretching back centuries. The first surviving document mentioning “asszú grape wine” is dated 1571.  The first classification of vineyards was done in 1732 by Matolai. In...


Vencel Garamvári about Furmint

Vencel Garamvári, founder of Garamvári Estate is talking about Furmint. “Now I have 2,5 hectar vines of Furmint, that I planted two years ago, and it developes rather nicely. I don’t have my own...


Golden Furmint of Hungary

Hungary is a small country with only 60 000 ha of vineyards. Despite this fact, we have world famous wines. I am sure that everybody has heard about Tokaj and Aszú. And what about the...